What the . . . ? Update

I received an email this morning from Greg A. Tyler, one of the links on my What the . . . ? page of links to wacky weirdos. This is what I said about Greg and his company, Creative Products 2000:

Greg A. Tyler is bitter because he keeps having great ideas for inventions, only to find out that some major corporation has already made millions off of his ideas.

Tyler’s rants just go to show that it is far easier to be an armchair inventor. But why is it that the Acme Corporation makes so much money off a widget? Unlike Tyler, they spent some R&D money to build the thing.

Here is what Mr. Tyler had to say, along with my comments. I would like to have responded in person, except that the email address he provided was non-functional:

Subject: about a year later …

Actually, it’s been about six months that my Web page has been up. (Close enough for engineering purposes though, right?)

and the second visitor from your site came to mine

Great! Glad to know my Web pages are providing entertainment. I don’t have access to logs myself, so it’s feedback like this that is so valuable.


No, pretty smart. Spammers like to crawl Web pages for active email links. I already get something like 100 spam messages a day. That could be worse. Instead, I provide a human-readable email message on all my pages. Sure, you have to type it in, but exactly how hard is it to type m c c l a r e @ n c f . c a anyway? (You managed, didn’t you?)

And, as you can see, Mr. Tyler, my email address actually works – unlike yours. My personal response bounced; hence this public reply.

AND … i now have a line of prototypes and am about to make more money this year than you will make in your life

Cool. I assume that’s why your Web page hasn’t been updated since 2002 and still looks like vintage 1997. Do these prototypes include a functioning domain name and email address, by any chance? Not to mention shift and period keys?

If you’re a third party reading this, do be sure to click on this link or the ones above. Obviously Greg checks his logs to see where people are coming from. Wouldn’t want him to miss out on all the attention.


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