Still feelin’ groovy

August 31, 2005

Just goes to show that some people never learn:

Singer Art Garfunkel, who pleaded guilty last year to pot possession in upstate New York, was charged again Sunday after a marijuana cigarette was allegedly found in the ashtray of his car, state police said.

The 63-year-old Garfunkel, who lives in Manhattan, was charged after being pulled over for failing to stop his vehicle at a stop sign, The Daily Freeman of Kingston reported Tuesday.

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The ironic thing about this story is: as the story goes on to say, Garfunkel was stopped last year in Hurley, NY, mere miles from Woodstock – for the very same offense.

Way to go, Mr. Garfunkel. You are the DIM BULB du jour.


And after the wind . . . the sound of a low whisper

August 31, 2005

Inevitably, after a major hurricane lashes the American South, it finds its way north and covers my part of the world with heavy rainfall for a day or two. For example, the remains of Hurricane Ivan last year dropped a month’s worth of rain on Ottawa overnight, leading to many basements unexpectedly becoming flooded in a foot of water. Understandably, we were warned that when Katrina came, we should be prepared for the same sort of problem.

Fortunately, however, it appears that by the time it reached Ottawa, Hurricane Katrina had become Minor Nuisance Katrina. It rained all morning, though not as heavily as I would have expected. By late afternoon, the streets were dry save a few isolated puddles.

How ironic that what was such a destructive force only two days ago should dissipate into something so harmless so quickly.

And now . . . this – Aug. 31/05

August 31, 2005

Ewwwwww . . .

We have centipedes here in Ottawa, and they sometimes get into the house. As nasty as they are (and hard to catch), they rarely get longer than about an inch and a half. I hate leggy insects, so this would be enough to induce a nervous breakdown:

Aaron Balick expected to find a tiny mouse rustling behind the TV in his apartment. Instead, he found a venomous giant centipede that somehow hitched a ride from South America to Britain.

“Thinking it was a mouse, I went to investigate the sound. The sound was coming from under some papers which I lifted, expecting to see the mouse scamper away,” the 32-year-old psychotherapist said Wednesday. “Instead, when I lifted the papers, I saw this prehistoric looking animal skitter away behind a stack of books.” . . .

The next day he took it to Britain’s Natural History Museum, which identified the insect as a Scolopendra gigantea – the world’s biggest species of centipede.

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The same country that gets liquored up and chased by bulls brings you . . .

August 31, 2005

La Tomatina.

Every year, the Spanish town of Bunol buys 100 tonnes of ripe plum tomatoes.

Every year, tens of thousands of participants grab the tomatoes and hurl them at each other, in the world’s biggest food fight.

That was today.

Apparently the annual tomato fight, fought for the first time in 1940, has no real significance; it’s just one more of those things you can do while drunk in Spain that would be frowned upon any other time of the year.

Tomatoes are probably a lot more fun (and safer) than bulls, though.

Hurricaine Katrina, part deux

August 31, 2005

Just to follow up on yesterday’s post, an FFF regular got hold of Don Elbourne this morning, and says, in part:

He and his family are safe at his parents home. They evacuated and he believes all of his church family did as well.

His home is most likey totally destroyed and the building where his church met is almost certainly gone too. I spoke for him a year ago and the buildings were of wood frame and right in the path of the huge 25 foot wall of water that destroyed so much in that area of Mississippi.

Under the circumstances, who could ask for anything more? Praise God.

Postscript: Don himself has got Internet access again, and has blogged about the damage he supposed has been incurred.

No, really: It doesn’t count as adultery when you’re gay

August 30, 2005

With Pride Week just wrapped up here in Ottawa, it’s only fitting, I guess, that this sort of wackiness should cross my desk today:

Shelly Pickering thinks it is unfair that her husband’s extramarital affair with a man doesn’t legally count as adultery. So today, she’s heading to court in Vancouver to challenge the law.

The 44-year-old Vancouver resident had been married nearly 17 years when, in October of 2004, she discovered her husband was having an affair with a younger man.

She and her husband separated immediately and she filed for divorce two months later, seeking an immediate end to their union. . . .

But Justice Nicole Garson of the B.C. Supreme Court declined to order the immediate divorce, because the definition of adultery in common law does not include homosexual relations.

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Put another way: If you catch your husband having sex with someone other than yourself, it’s grounds for divorce. But if you catch your husband having sex with someone other than yourself, and it turns out he’s a homosexual, it’s not grounds for divorce.

Two men or two women can’t be “married” according to common law either, but that particular fact doesn’t seem to matter in the schizophrenic family law of today.

Hurricane Katrina

August 30, 2005

The “international community” that is the Internet is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you can get to know people from all over the place for practically nothing, but a curse, because with the more people you know around the world, the more likely it is that one of them is going to wind up in the middle of the evening news.

Case in point: Please pray for Don Elbourne and his family. Don is the Webmaster of the blog Locusts and Wild Honey, as well as of the Fightin’ Fundamentalist Forums, one of my favourite virtual hangouts. He is a resident of New Orleans who evacuated to Baton Rouge before Katrina hit. Since then FFF regulars have been asking after him. We’ve heard nothing yet, although at this juncture that is perfectly understandable. Don is also the pastor of a Baptist church near Gulfport, Mississippi, which got hit point-blank by the storm, so it’s a fair bet that their building is underwater right about now.