A letter

King and Prime Minister

The Custodian of the Two Holy Shrines

His Majesty Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud

Office of HM the King

Royal Court

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Your Majesty:

There are many foreign workers within Saudi Arabia. No doubt many of them are not Muslims. I am sure that on occasion they would enjoy a tasty meal of roast pork, baby back ribs, or souvlaki. Moreover, nothing goes better than a decent Chardonnay with a good pork roast, or a cold ale with ribs.

However, it has come to my understanding that Islamic law strictly forbids the sale and import of pork products and alcohol. I am sure that you can see, sir, how this ban is insensitive to those foreign workers whose culture or religion has no restriction on the consumption of pork or alcohol. To some of them, no doubt, it is not merely insensitive, but offensive.

Thank you in advance for lifting the restrictions on these products. I am very sure that you wish nothing except to show tolerance of the beliefs of others within your borders, even when their culture is significantly different from your own.

Yours very truly,

Scott McClare

(H/T: Dhimmi Watch [here and here], and Mark Steyn.)


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