I’m honoured, truly I am

Flipping through my referral logs, tonight I came across an URL I hadn’t seen before.

The Warn Every One Night and Day is an excruciatingly tacky Fundamentalist Web site that warns everyone about the dangers of evolution, Islam, Wicca, huffing canned air, Rick Warren, Benny Hinn, and pretty much everything else under the sun.

This includes, of course, the very most dangerous thing of all: Bible versions that aren’t the King James. In addition to a page promoting Gail “The Ripper” Riplinger (and containing a lengthy MP3 intro to her book New Age Bible Versions) is a page of Searching Scholars and Bible Critics. “Searching scholars” are, of course, likened to the Three Blind Mice for groping around for modern Bibles (when the Blessed Virgin King James Bible is right there before their eyes if only they could see it for the blissful perfect perfectness it is!).

And yours truly, the Crusty Curmudgeon, is listed there amongst the giants of “searching scholarship.” Yep, I’m given equal billing with Bruce Metzger, F. H. A. Scrivener, Adoniram Judson, Philip Schaff, James White, and Roland Bainton.

Yep. I’ve hit the big time at last. Truly I walk among giants.


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