Didn’t they spot him in Texas just the other day?

Here we go again:

Mexicans have set up a shrine at a plant pot on the grounds of a beach resort on the Caribbean island of Cozumel after an image said to depict Jesus appeared on it following Hurricane Wilma a month ago.

A receptionist at the Occidental Grand resort noticed the image likened to Jesus’ face as shaken guests emerged from a storm shelter after huddling for three days while the hurricane hurled rain and debris. . . .

“The first person who saw it was a receptionist. Then the guests started coming to see it and before long people were praying and lighting candles,” said a security guard near the pot, which is roped off with a crimson cord strung between brass poles and has a simple candle burning in front of it.

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It takes all my mental prowess not to accidentally read this as “Mexicans have set up a shrine at a pot plant” – which, combined with the ubiquitous candles that miraculously appear at Jesifications, would explain the increase in sightings of Jesi on household objects in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, Mary’s pulled out of Texas too, and headed for the West Coast:

Believers say a statue of the Virgin Mary outside a California church appears to be crying a drop of blood. . . .

Hundreds of people are coming to see the statue for themselves. Many say it’s a sign from God.

[Full Story]


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