Free speech for us, but not for you

Must-see video: Not all Frenchies are cheese-eating surrender monkeys. At a protest against the Dread Cartoons of Blasphemy in Paris yesterday, the two members of BAF (like the Protest Warriors, only more French) held a peaceful counter-demonstration, wearing the Danish flag and carrying pro-Danish and pro-free-speech signs.

Result: A near lynching, BAF find themselves surrounded by 4,000 demonstrators, bravely facing both of them down and shouting protected free speech such as “rat face,” “f—–g bastards,” “sons of adultery,” and “homosexuals.”

What can I say? They’re either braver than I am, or I’m more likely to have been a little too “provocative,” and subsequently buried in the ensuing rock pile.

(H/T: Michelle Malkin.)


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