And now . . . this – Aug. 16, 2006

Paging Mulder and Scully

Residents are wondering if an animal found dead over the weekend may be the mysterious creature that has mauled dogs, frightened residents and been the subject of local legend for half a generation.

The animal was found near power lines along Route 4 on Saturday, apparently struck by a car while chasing a cat. The carcass was photographed and inspected by several people who live in the area, but nobody is sure exactly what it is. . . .

For the past 15 years, residents across Androscoggin County have reported seeing and hearing a mysterious animal with chilling monstrous cries and eyes that glow in the night. The animal has been blamed for attacking and killing a Doberman pinscher and a Rottweiler the past couple of years.

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Be sure to check out the picture accompanying the article. It’s an ugly-looking animal, all right. It’ll be interesting to see what DNA tests say; it’s probably just a weird canine hybrid no one has seen before.

Still . . . it’s definitely one for the weirdo file. Chupacabra, watch your back; we’re coming after you next.

Shortest trial ever

A Russian woman is suing weather forecasters for ruining her holiday with incorrect predictions.

Alyona Gabitova told the court in the central Russian town of Uljanovsk that she had been promised temperatures of 28 degrees and constant sunshine during her weekend camping trip to a nearby nature park, but instead got wet through when it did nothing but pour down with rain the entire time.

[Full Story]

The question remains how, exactly, this woman expected the weathermen to deliver on their promises.


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