Godzilla redux

Fred Butler writes:

Scott McClare may appreciate this article if he hasn’t already seen it: The Science of Godzilla. A dinosaur expert explores the possibility of what it would be like if Godzilla was real. Read the comments following the article, as well.

[Read The Science of Godzilla]

He’s right: I hadn’t seen it, and I did appreciate it. (Similarly, Terry Pratchett has a humorous discussion of the anatomy of dragons in one of the earlier Discworld novels.)

Fred mentions his fond memories of watching old Godzilla movies as a kid on Saturday afternoons. For me it was a lot more recently, and after midnight on Space, but same difference. He also made mention of the infamous “flight scene” from Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster, quite possibly the craziest (and silliest) “power” that the Big G ever invented on the spur of the moment:

And why not close off with the rest of Godzilla’s most embarrassing moments, married to a corny Internet meme?


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