Global warming

Get yer snow here!

Here’s what the house looked like after the huge mess of white stuff was shoveled off the roof. We had to dig ourselves a pathway to the door:

And here’s what the road looked like. It snowed on Saturday, but the roads didn’t get plowed until Wednesday; there was a constant pile of cars in the entrance to our little subdivision because drivers couldn’t get their cars in and out of their own driveways. Normally, it shouldn’t be a problem for two cars to pass each other:

Ottawa hasn’t had this much snowfall since 1971. Somewhere in my parents’ musty-dusty files is a picture of me as an infant in a carriage, while my dad shovels the driveway between huge walls of snow. This comes darn close. It’s the most snow I can remember in my lifetime, and I come from the north.


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