Book meme – the answers

As promised, here are the 10 books whose fifth-sentence-on-page-56 I posted on Saturday night, with a few comments.

  1. The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright. Probably the best book on the history of al-Qaeda leading up to 9/11.
  2. The Elements of Style by Strunk & White. Every writer should have a copy on his bookshelf (see hint #1).
  3. Sunshine Sketches of a Small Town by Stephen Leacock. This collection of short stories about the townsfolk of Mariposa, Ontario (see hint #4) is a classic of Canadian humour.
  4. Out of the Silent Planet by C. S. Lewis. Congrats Rebecca and Kim: you got the author right if not the specific volume.
  5. On Writing by Stephen King. He is my favourite fiction author (hint #3), so I thought it would be fun to cite one of his handful of non-fiction books.
  6. The Justification of God by John Piper, who is better known for popular books about desiring God than for exegetical commentaries like this one (hint #2).
  7. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling. And if you thought this was a dead giveaway, you should have seen the sentence in The Deathly Hallows . . .
  8. Perelandra, by C. S. Lewis, the sequel to Out of the Silent Planet (hint #5). That sentence doesn’t really give anything away.
  9. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Fee & Stuart. A popular primer on biblical hermeneutics.
  10. The Ashes of Eden by William Shatner. Yes Dorothy, it is indeed a Star Trek novel, written by The Bill himself.

Well, that was fun. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of books to put away.


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