Gail the Ripper doesn’t want you reading her books!

G. A. Riplinger, aka Gail the Ripper, is the KJV-onlyist crank who penned the outhouse-worthy book New Age Bible Versions and many other fraudulent tomes of biblical misinformation. Her latest book is titled Hazardous Materials:

Greek and Hebrew Study Dangers, The Voice of Strangers, The Men Behind the Smokescreen, Burning Bibles Word By Word. . . .

You will learn such things as the connection between new version editor and child molester C.J. Vaughan (whose all ‘boys’ school parades their cross-dressing perversion in one, amongst the many never before published photos in this book) and tools such as Strong’s Concordance, Vine’s Expository Dictionary, the Unitarian J.H. Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon, Moulton’s Lexicon and Vincent and Wuest’s Word Studies. Heresy trials deposed editors of the popular Hebrew-English Lexicon by Brown, Driver, and Briggs and the New Testament Greek-English Lexicon by Frederick Danker. All Greek-English New Testament lexicons plagiarize the first Greek-English lexicon written by Scott and Liddell, who harbored the pedophile author of Alice in Wonderland, who took improper photographs of Liddell’s child and remains a suspect in the Jack the Ripper murder case. The book demonstrates that Greek texts from UBS to TBS fail to reach the perfection of the Holy Bible, where God’s words shall not pass away. Why are good Christians putting aside their inspired Bibles to look for light in conflicting and uninspired Greek & Hebrew tools, made by men who denied its truths?

No, really. Every one of Gail the Ripper’s books becomes successively more weird and wild-eyed in its insinuations, accusations, and outright falsehood. If she wigs out any further, she’ll look like Sinead O’Connor.

It gets funnier. Someone recently attempted to purchase a copy of this book for James White, and got this response from A.V. Publications, the Ripper’s vanity imprint and online bookstore:

Thank you for your order. However, we will not fill orders for
Mr. James White.

O NOZ!!11!!

Of course, a child could figure out how to circumvent that ban. But it does tell you how blatantly cynical Gail the Ripper has become. She isn’t even trying to write factual materials that would withstand the scrutiny of reviewers (or, for that matter, anyone with a library card and a few hours to spare), if she is unwilling to sell Hazardous Materials to someone who might question it. Credit cards welcome (gullible readers only, please).

You gotta laugh.


2 Responses to Gail the Ripper doesn’t want you reading her books!

  1. The Highland Host says:

    Reading it. The book too makes you laugh. She actually (bless) thinks that Leigh and Baigent, the notorious fabulists whose fantasies underly ‘The Da Vinci Code’, are reliable soucres on the Knights Templar. The term ‘fabulists’, by the way, comes from Professor John Charmley of UEA, Norwich, England, who described Laigh and Baigent as such in a conversation with me. She also states that Lewis Carroll is a ‘suspect in the Jack the Ripper case’, conveniently ignoring two facts. 1). The suggestion was first made in the 1990s in a nut-job book, and 2). As an eminent Victorian, Carroll is practically by definition a suspect. Oh, not to mention that he has a cast-iron alibi for at least three of the muurders.

    But since when has fact been something Riplinger cares about?

  2. Sheeple Shearer says:

    Orders accepted from gullible readers only. Well put, McClare!!

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