And now . . . this – Mar. 6/10

The Swiss slide steadily into silliness

As far as non-human rights go, Switzerland reached the tipping point of cultural insanity ages ago. Remember how it’s now considered cruel to cuddle your guinea pig excessively or mistreat your pet rhinoceros? A little too much, and you might be seeing Fluffy in court.

A nationwide referendum is taking place in Switzerland on a proposal to give animals the constitutional right to be represented in court.

Animal rights groups say appointing state-funded animal lawyers would ensure animal welfare laws are upheld, and help prevent cases of cruelty.

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At this rate, the broccoli will be demanding the right to represent itself by about 2015. Suffice it to say this is not improving Switzerland’s image as an over-regulated culture.

(H/T: Anglican Samizdat.)

Will that be paper or plastic?

They say money doesn’t grow on trees. Well, the federal government has taken that adage to heart — it announced earlier this week that Canada’s paper-cotton banknotes would be replaced by newly designed plastic ones next year.

Cool. Maybe the new design will be one of the ones with the little windows in ’em.

It’s part of a plan to modernize and protect Canadian currency against counterfeiting.

The new plastic bills, made from a polymer material, are harder to fake, recyclable, and two to three times more resistant to tearing, the Bank of Canada said.

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Yeah, but how much do you want to bet the stores still won’t accept fifties or hundreds?


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